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Chapter V Operational Principles

CHAPTER V Operational Principles of the Board and Secretariat

i.     Tenure of appointments
ii.     Frequency of meetings
iii.     Schedule of Board meetings
iv.     Prior distribution of background, other support materials
v.      Selection of Chairman

i.       Tenure of appointments

a.    Chairman of the Board
The length of the term of the Chairman of the Board shall be two years, unless otherwise agreed by Directors, commencing at the start of a fiscal year, unless otherwise agreed by Directors.

b.    Directors
The length of the term of Directors, as well as commencing date, shall be determined by the national organization which they represent.

c.    Chairman of Board Committee
The length of the term of a Chairman of a Committee of the Board, as well as commencing date, shall be determined by the Board.

ii.     Frequency of meetings

a.    Board
The Board shall meet twice per calendar year, or more often, should circumstances warrant.

b.    Committees of the Board
Committees of the Board shall meet on a regular basis, as circumstances warrant and as agreed by members of the Committee and the Board.

iii.       Schedule of Board Meetings

a.    A Board meeting shall be held, unless circumstances warrant otherwise, at the beginning of each fiscal year, and in conjunction with the commencement of the term of an in-coming Chairman, no later than four weeks from the start of the fiscal year.

b.    The Board meeting shall i) agree on the new programme agenda for the new fiscal year and ii) other business.

c.    At the end of the fiscal year, but no later than four weeks before the conclusion of the fiscal year, a Board meeting shall be convened to review the following and, if required and so agreed by Directors, any other business:
•    Preliminary results -- actual vs. planned;
•    Programme agenda for the next fiscal year;
•    Other business.

d.    The Board shall reserve the right and exercise this right, if and when so agreed by Directors, to meet and discuss matters which are deemed by Directors to be sufficient grounds for convening such additional meetings.

e.    As a general principle, any meeting of the Board shall be conducted through personal attendance but the Board may also conduct a meeting using web technologies, conference telephone call and the like.

iv.     Prior distribution of background materials and supporting documents

a.    As a general principle, all Directors should be provided with all relevant background materials and supporting documents, in sufficient time, prior to a Board meeting or meeting of a Committee of the Board.

b.    All Directors should confirm to the Chairman receipt of all background materials and supporting documents.

c.    The Secretariat will be responsible, unless circumstances warrant otherwise, as the principal point of gathering and distributing all background materials and supporting documents to Directors.

v.     Selection of Chairman

a.    As a general principle, the Chairman shall be selected from among founding Core members, unless circumstances otherwise warrant.

b.    All founding Core members, and other members if circumstances warrant, should be given ample opportunity to serve as Chairman.
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