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Chapter IX Fostering Cooperation

CHAPTER IX  Fostering Cooperation with national CCIs

i.      Basic principle
ii.     Programme cooperation
iii.     Ways and means
iv.     Regular contact
v.      Reporting

i.    Basic principle

As a basic principle, the GMS-BF both at Board and Secretariat level shall seek ways and means of fostering mutually beneficial relations.

ii.    Programme cooperation

The GMS-BF shall identify and implement ways and means of encouraging national CCI cooperation on programmes and services offered or planned to be offered by the GMS-BF.

iii.    Ways and means

The GMS-BF shall utilize, but not limit itself to, a sharing of the GMS-BF services revenue with national CCIs, the exact proportion to be determined by the Board further to consultation with national CCIs.

iv.       Regular contact

The GMS-BF, through its Secretariat, shall at least every two weeks make direct contact with each national CCI to seek status update on areas of programme cooperation, as well as any other area of mutual cooperation.

v.       Reporting

The Secretariat, per iv. above, shall regularly and at least every two weeks, update the Board regarding programme cooperation and any other areas of mutual cooperation.

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