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GMS Economic Corridors Forum

Inaugural Meeting of GMS Econimic Corridors Forum (ECF)
6-7 June, 2008, Kunming, China

Mr. Oudet Souvannavong, Secretary General of GMS-BF, Vice President of Lao National Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Lao PDR had invited to act as Chairperson for Roundtable Meeting for the Border Area Development Forum at Inaugural Meeting of GMS Economic Corridors Forum (ECF) during 6-7 June, 2008, Kunming, China.

The purpose of convening the inaugural meeting at this juncture is to follow up immediately the outcomes of the summit and keep a momentum of the GMS cooperation promoted and increasingly enhanced by the Leaders themselves. The early convening of the inaugural meeting for the ECF meets the urgent need from GMS government including local governments that we should move without hesitation to accelerates transforming the current and future transport corridors into full-fledged economic ones and create closely-knit economic rims or beltways that could serve as growth poles in the sub-region.

The event hosted by the Ministry of Commerce and People’s Government of Yunnan Province of PRC. Officials from both central and local government academics and business representative from GMS countries are invited to the meeting. In addition, Deputy Prime Minister responsible for trade in GMS countries had also be invited to witness the opening ceremony of the ECF.

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