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Brief History

The Thai Chamber of Commerce (TCC) has played a key role in promoting both local and international trade for over 63 years in order to collaborate with the Government's policy to strengthen the Thai economy. The Thai Chamber of Commerce realizes that becoming a representative of trade and industry is of great importance for the whole economy. TCC was founded in 1933 as a non-profit organization by a distinguished group of Thai businessmen and traders to act as a spokesman for the private sector and as a coordinator between the public and private sectors with the aim of promoting trade, industry, agriculture, finance and the economy. In 1966, the Thai government enacted the Chamber of Commerce Act B.E. 2509 to ratify the activities of the Chamber.

The Thai Chamber of Commerce has the following objectives:

1.    To render assistance and support to all sectors of the business community for the betterment and benefit of local trade, industry, agriculture, finance and the overall economy.
2.    To render advisory services to members on general and specialized affairs on trade, industry, agriculture, finance and the national economy, as well as to extend support and assistance on the administrative and operative functions of member companies.
3.    To render advisory services to government agencies by conducting research and submitting proposals for the development of the national economy.
4.    To act as a coordinator between businesspeople and authorities.
5.    To assist and promote public welfare.
6.    To carry out other activities as specified by the Act.
7.    To have no concern with politics 


1. Issuance of Certificates of Origin

Under the Chamber of Commerce Act (1966), the Thai Chamber of Commerce was legally empowered to issue Certificates of Origin (general form) as a service for the convenience of businesspeople and traders involved in export. The TCC was the first private sector organization permitted to issue Certificates of Origin and other export documents and has done so for more than 30 years. Currently, there are over 4,000 export companies that use TCC's document certification service. Certificates of Origin and other export documents, namely invoices, bills of lading, etc. issued by the TCC exceed 130,000 annually.

2. Distribution of Trade Publications

TCC's "Newsletter" is a monthly publication reporting on business and trade activities, marketing and trade opportunities, notifications of the authorities including articles and statistics of interest on the Thai economy. "Commercial World" is a monthly magazine emphasizing articles of interest to the business community including trade activities. The TCC regularly receives trade information and enquiries from abroad and has become a center where local businessmen can acquire information on their line of interest. TCC also produces a membership directory.

3. Computer Information Center

The members of TCC Computer Information Center are able to seek information prepared by TCC, such as trade inquiries, agent, joint ventures, trade statistics, government announcements, trade restrictions of Thailand counterparts, and TCC activities.

4. Organizing Seminars & Training

TCC regularly organizes seminars and business talks on topics of interest by inviting intellectuals of various fields to give lectures and hold discussions. Furthermore, the TCC also organizes training courses on various topics that are beneficial to members and the public in general, such as modernized business management, accounting, import-export business, customs, and finance and banking.

5. Enterprise Promotion Activities

TCC takes part in any activities held by the government and private sector. The representative appointed by TCC gives an opinion on any problems and submits problems obstructing trade to related organizations for consideration.

6. Promotion and Development of Provincial Chambers of Commerce (PCCs)

Presently there are PCCs established in every province, in line with the government's policy to accelerate provincial economic development and to encourage provincial businesspeople to develop their local economy. The following are TCC's activities in promoting and developing the PCCs:
*      PCC secretarial training
*      Organizing annual seminars for PCCs
*      Providing technical assistance 

7. International Coordination Activities

TCC engages in activities to promote trade and investment with other countries through trade missions and international trade exhibitions.

8. The University of The Thai Chamber of Commerce

In realizing the significance of competent and skilled human resources in the development of the country's economy and trade, the Thai Chamber of Commerce founded the College of Commerce in 1940. Then in 1984, the College was upgraded to the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce, which is now recognized as one of the leading private universities. The university provides instruction programs for bachelor's degrees in Business Administration, Humanities, Accounting, Economics, Communications, Engineering and the Sciences. Presently, programs for master's degrees have been developed in accordance with the requirement of the business community, such as Business Communication and Management, International Business, Business Economics, Accounting and Information Technology Management.

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