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Getting There

By air: Thailand has four international airports (in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket, and Hat Yai). Over 80 airlines fly into and out of Bangkok, including most major international carriers in the United States, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia and the Pacific. 
By land: Trains are available between Bangkok and Malaysia, and for the latter the normal route to and from Thailand is Penang.  There are four international border crossings between Thailand and Malaysia. 
Thailand shares five international border crossings with the Lao People's Democratic Republic, including three ferry points across the Mekong River. Cambodia and Thailand have one international land border crossing between Aranyaprathet and Poipet, but others are expected to open in the coming years. 
The opening of land border crossings with Myanmar tends to fluctuate depending on the circumstances at the time.  As these tend to close frequently, it is advisable to check in advance. Furthermore, the land crossings with Myanmar are often only for day-trippers.   
By sea: It is possible to travel between Thailand and Malaysia, and Thailand and Myanmar by boat at selected points. 

Visas and Passports

A passport is required for all foreigners entering Thailand, but not all nationalities require a visa.  Foreign nationals who intend to remain in Thailand to work or conduct business must comply with visa requirements in addition to obtaining a work permit. 

Visa categories:

Tourist: Tourist visas are initially valid for 60 days and are renewable at the discretion of the Immigration Department.  Renewals are normally granted for periods of up to 30 days at a time. 
Visitor transit: Aliens who have obtained a transit visa from a Thai embassy or consulate will be granted a 30-day stay in the Kingdom.  Extensions of stay are normally granted for periods of 7-10 days.  Transit, visitor transit, and tourist visa holders are not authorized to work in Thailand. 
Non-quota immigrant: This category includes, inter alia, former residents who have lost their resident status but who have reapplied to resume their residency and who have been able to demonstrate a convincing reason to support the granting of this type of visa. 
Non-immigrant visa: Foreigners seeking a prolonged stay, or those coming to work in Thailand, should obtain non-immigrant visas for all family members prior to entering the Kingdom. There are several categories of Non-Immigrant visas which include, among others, business visa category (B); dependent visa category (O); investment subject to the provision of the laws on investment promotion (BOI IB); diplomatic and consular visa category (D); performance of duties with the mass media (M); performance of skilled or expert work (EX); investment (with concurrence of ministries and departments concerned)-(capital investment IM); study or observation (ED). 
Non-quota immigrant visas: These visas are issued to foreigners who have applied for a residence permit under a special case quota or under Non-Quota Immigrant status. 
Official visas: These visas are issued to foreigners who are assigned to perform their official duties in the Kingdom and for holders of Official Passports of other countries or a United Nations Passport or its equivalent.  They are valid for 90 days. 
Immigrant visas: Immigrant visas are for those who wish to take up permanent residence in Thailand. 
Diplomatic visas: These visas are issued to foreigners who perform their duties as foreign diplomatic officials or who carry out official business by holding a Diplomatic Passport. Foreigners who enter the Kingdom with this category of visa will be permitted to stay for 90 days. In addition, foreigners residing in Thailand for more than 90 consecutive days are required to register their address with the Immigration Bureau every 90 days. This requirement applies to all foreigners, including holders of work permits and long-term visas.  Failure to do so can result in substantial penalties. 
In response to feedback from investors, the Board of Investment coordinated the establishment of a One-Stop Service Centre for Visas and Work Permits.  Through joint cooperation with the Immigration Bureau and the Ministry of Labour, the centre can process applications or renewals of visas and work permits within three hours, upon receipt of proper and complete documentation. 
In addition, the centre handles other transactions, including the issuance of multiple re-entry stamps, changes in class of visa (to non-immigrant from tourist or transit), and payment of fines.  The One-Stop Service Centre is located at 207 Rachadapisek Road, 3rd Floor, Bangkok, and they may be reached by phone at (662) 693-9333-9. 


No inoculations or vaccinations are required unless one is coming from or has passed through contaminated areas.  Yellow fever certificates are required for those who are coming from endemic or infected areas.  Medical care and hospitals are found throughout the country, and world class standard hospitals are located in Bangkok. 


The currency is the baht, which consists of 100 satang. Copper coins are valued 25 and 50 satang.  Silver coins are in denominations of 1, 5 and 10 baht.  Bank notes are valued at 10, 20, 50, 100, 500 and 1,000 baht. 
The exchange rate of foreign currencies against the Thai baht may change daily as the baht floats freely on international money markets.  It is advisable to exchange foreign currencies only at commercial banks, currency exchange services or authorised money changers. 
Foreign visitors are welcome to open foreign currency accounts with authorized banks in Thailand.  No restrictions are imposed on the maintenance of and withdrawal from the account as long as the funds originate from abroad.  Non-residents can also open baht accounts at local banks. 


The list of embassies in Bangkok is as follows:


20/85 Soi 49, Sukhumvit Rd
37 Sathon Tai Rd
Tel: 662-287-2680
14 Soi Nantha, Sathon Tai Rd
Tel: 662-254-6970
727 Soi 55, Sukhumvit Rd
Tel: 662-392-9437
44 Soi Phiphat, Silom Rd
Tel: 662-233-9370
239 Soi Sarasin, Lumphini
Tel: 662-262-6043/23
19 Soi 26, Sukhumvit Rd
Tel: 662-260-5884
Boonmitr Bldg, 138 Silom Rd
Tel: 662-234-1561/8, 237-4126
18th Floor, Bangkok Bank Bldg,
333 Silom Rd
Tel: 662-233-2177
57 Ratchadapisek Rd
Tel: 662-245-7032/49
-c/o TTMC Ltd,
Than Settakij Bldg, 222
Vibdhavadi Rangsit Rd
Tel: 662-278-4386
Democratic People's  Republic of Korea
81 Soi Ari 7, Phahonyothin Rd
Tel: 662-278-5118
10 Soi Attakanprasit, Sathon Tai Rd
Tel: 662-213-2021
49 Soi Ruam Rudi, Ploenchit Rd
Tel: 662-252-6139, 253-0161
16th Floor, Amarin Tower, 500 Ploenchit Rd
Tel: 662-256-9306/9
35 Customs House Lana,
Charoen Krung Rd, Sathon Tai Rd
Tel: 662-213-2181/4
9 Sathon Tai Rd
Tel: 662-213-2331/6
3rd Floor, Thanakul Bldg, Rama IX Rd
Tel: 662-251-5111
28 Soi Sukchai, Sukhumvit Rd
Tel: 662-391-2002/3
46 Soi Prasanmit (Soi 23)
Sukhumvit Rd
Tel: 662-258-0300/6
600-602 Phetburi Rd
Tel: 662-252-3135/40
Iran, Islamic Republic of
602 Sukhumvit Rd (betweenSois 22 and 24)
Tel: 662-259-0611/3
47 Pradipat Rd
Tel: 662-278-5335/8
205 United Flour Mill Bldg,
Ratchawong Rd
Tel: 662-223-0976
31 Soi Lang Suan, Ploenchit Rd
Tel: 662-252-3131/4
399 Nang Linchi Rd
Tel: 662-286-4844/6
1674 New Petchaburi Rd
Tel: 662-252-6151/9
568 Soi Panit Anan, Sukhumvit Rd Khlong Tan
Tel: 662-391-8294
Lao People's Democratic
520, 502/1-3 Soi Ramkhamhaeng
39, Bangkapi
Tel: 662-539-6667
35 Sathon Tai Rd
Tel: 662-286-1390/2
44/7-8 Convent Rd
Tel: 662-235-6367
132 Sathon Nuea Rd
Tel: 662-233-2237, 234-4698
189 Soi Phuengsuk (Soi 71)
Sukhumvit Rd
Tel: 662-917240
106 Withayu Rd
Tel: 662-254-7701
New Zealand
93 Withayu Rd
Tel: 662-254-7701, 252-6103/5
11th Floor, Bank of America Bldg, Withayu Rd
Tel: 662-253-0390
31 Soi Nana Nuea (Soi 3)
Sukhumvit Rd
Tel: 662-253-0288/9
10 Soi 3, Seri 2 Rd, Soi
Ramkhamhaeng 24, Hua Mak
Tel: 662-314-1054
760 Sukhumvit Rd
Tel: 662-259-0139
61 Soi 23, Sukhumvit Rd
Tel: 662-258-4112/3
26 Captain Bush Lane, SiPhraya Rd
Tel: 662-234-0372, 233-7160
Republic of Korea
23 Thiam-Ruammit Rd
Huay Khwang, Sam Saen Nok
Tel: 662-247-7537
108 Sathon Neua Rd
Tel: 662-234-9824/2102
Saudi Arabia
Sathon Thani Bldg, Sathon Neua Rd
Tel: 662-237-1938, 235-0875/8
129 Sathon Tai Rd
Tel: 662-286-2111/1434
South Africa
6th Floor, Park Place 231, Soi Sarasin
Tel: 662-253-8473
93 Withayu Rd
Tel: 662-252-6112
Sri Lanka
48/3 Soi 1, Sukhumvit Rd
Tel: 662-251-2789
20th Floor, Pacific Place
140 Sukhumvit Rd
Tel: 662-254-4954/55
35 Withayu Rd
Tel: 662-252-8992/4
153/2 Soi Mahatlekluang 1,
Ratchadamri Rd
Tel: 662-251-2987/8
United Kingdom
1031 Ploenchit Rd
Tel: 662-253-0191/9
United States of America
95 Withayu Rd
Tel: 662-252-5040/9
83/1 Withayu Rd
Tel: 662-251-7201/3


Thailand has become world famous for its outstanding hotels and service.  Some of its hotels rank among the best in the world year after year.  Business standard hotels in Thailand are also remarkable for their relative affordability, and there is certainly no shortage of suitable hotels throughout the country.  Many of the major international hotel chains are found in Thailand, particularly in Bangkok and other popular tourist locations.
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