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Pre-Shipment Export Finance Guara

Summary of the Pre-Shipment Financing Meeting


22 October 2008


Loxley Building, Bangkok


  On 22 October 2008, the Greater Mekong Subregion Business Forum has organized the Pre-Shipment Financing Meeting at Loxley Building, Bangkok, Thailand. The Meeting was attended by the representatives of major banking sector, ADB representatives and GMS-BF staff. The list of participants appears as ANNEX1


 The meeting was chaired by Dr. JIngjai Hanchanlash, Co-Chairman of GMS-BF.        He welcomed the participants. He informed the objective of the meeting which aims to discuss how to set up the Proposed Financing Scheme for SME’s in the Greater Mekong    Sub-region. This initiative was discussed during the Business and Investment Dialogue   on 30 March 2008, and was approved by the GMS leaders during the GMS Summit   on 31 March 2008, Vientiane, Lao PDR.


 Dr. Apichai Boontherawa, President, Export-Import Bank of Thailand presented the proposed Financing Scheme for SME’s in Greater Mekong Sub-region which was modified from the version he presented at Business and Investment Dialogue. After his presentation, there were discussions and the meeting tentatively agreed on the followings.


 Phase1: Set up GMS SME’s Development Funds


 1. Conducting the feasibility study on the setting up of GMS SME’s Development Funds as well as how to establish the network of Loan Guarantee Organization in each country.


  2. GMS-BF shall request ADB to recruit Financial Analysis to conduct such study and to provide recommendation to each government, especially the structure of the GMS SME’s Development Funds and the National Loan Guarantee Organization as well as related mechanism of Pre-Shipment Guarantee for SME’s


  3. The meeting suggested the GMS SME’s Development Funds could be a separated unit under the auspices of GMS-BF Secretariat in Vientiane, Lao PDR.


 Phase2: After the study of GMS Development Funds is completed, GMS-BF should present the study to each government for their consideration and supporting by taking up equity participation in GMS SME’s Development Funds.


 Phase3: Proceed to set up Loan Guarantee Organization in each country. 

List of Participant “Pre-Shipment Export Finance Guarantees”

 Wednesday 22 October 2008, from 14:00-16:00 hrs at Loxley Building



Dr. Jingjai Hanchanlash




Mr. Rattanatay Luanglatbandith,Regional Cooperation Economist

Asian Development Bank, Thailand Resident Mission


Dr. Apichai Boontherawara


Export-Import Bank of Thailand


Ms. Kasina Srisaan

First Vice President

Export-Import Bank of Thailand


Ms. Vaya Smarnond

Assistant Vice President

Export-Import Bank of Thailand


Mr. Pramon Neramitmansook


Export-Import Bank of Thailand


Mr. Noppadol Ongsrikul

Team Executive

Bank of Thailand


Ms. Nantawan Pinchaleow

Vice President & Executive Officer

Krung Thai Bank PCL


Ms. Woranoot Decharin

First Vice President

Krung Thai Bank PCL


Ms. Somavadee Voravisuthikul

Executive Officer

Krung Thai Bank PCL


Ms. Supranee Termrungruanglert

Program Coordinator



Ms. Veenaporn Intuwattanakul

Assistant Program Coordinator



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