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New GMS-BF Board Members for 2011

In 2011, the GMS-BF has rceived 5 membership applications, incluidng three Chinese companies, one Thai Company and one Malaysian Company. All these 5 comapanies have been operating businesses in diferent areas a follows:

  • Smartag Solutions Bhd  was incorporated in Malaysia on 12 January 2004 under the Companies Act 1965 as a private limited company under the name of Smartag Solutions Sdn Bhd and was converted into Smartag Solutions Berhad on 11th June 2008.

 Smartag Solutions Berhad is a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) solution specialist that is specialized in track and trace utilizing RFID and other wireless technologies to enable users to have visibility, transparency, and security.

Smartag Solutions Bhd is also member of the Microsoft Partner Network, which has successfully attained the Gold ISV/Software competency, less than a month after attaining Silver ISV/Software competency on 5th May 2011. More please see company website:
  • AAC Green City Lao Ltd/Nakaraj Nakhon is Thai Investor, which has been granted by the Government of lao PDR with conccession of 600 Acres of Land in Bokeo Province of Nothern part of Laos.

    Nakaraj Nakorn ( the City of Naka ) is South-East Asia's new Gateway to China located in Houayxai, Laos across the Mae Kong river from Thailand- Laos border and next to the Friendship Bridge No 4 linking Thailand, Laos, China, Vietnam and Myanmar. Over 600 acres of land concession granted by Government of Laos to AAC Green City Lao Ltd to undertake the development of this newly integrated boutique resorts to include 5 Stars Hotel , Golf Course, Resort & Spa, Duty Free, Integrated Tourist Center & Entertainments, Bus and Boat Terminals, Petrol Station & Convenient Stores, Logistics etc.
    Nakaraj Nakorn will take advantage of nature, mountain, water falls, and river to create a truly gateaway holiday feel for the visitors and at the same time will offer entertainment and leisure activities. We plan to be a family fun destination where each member can select and enjoy . Beside from the list above we offer anti-aging center, meditation center, giant catfish lake & breeding center and museum. More details please website:


  • Hanergy Holding Group Limited (formerly known as “Farsighted Group”), incorporated in 1994, is headquartered in Beijing, having its subsidiaries and branches in over 10 provinces of China as well as in such countries or regions as the US, UK, Netherlands and Hong Kong. As the largest non-state-owned enterprise of power generation with clean energy in China, Hanergy has, based on traditional clean energy such as hydropower, had a gross installed capacity of about 6000MW in terms of its equity in hydropower projects already built and under construction; with the solar photovoltaic industry taking the lead, Hanergy invested in and built, in Guangdong, Sichuan etc., solar photovoltaic R&D and production bases with combined capacity of about 3000MW.
    <<Read more Company Profile>>


  • Hongdou Group is located in Donggang Town Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province. As the key enterprise group of Jiangsu province, it owns ten subsidiary companies(including a listed company), 20 thousands employees and more than one hundred third class companies.
    It also has two overseas branches in New York and L.A.. Vehicles, rubber, housing property and biology pharmacy as the five major fields of Hongdou Group.

 In addition, Hongdou Group Co., Ltd has also invested in Kingdom of Cambodia for developing the Sihanoukville Special Economic Zone by joint venture with Taihu Cambodia International Economic Cooperation Zone Investment Co. Ltd (SSEZ).

SSEZ has a total planned area of 11.13 km2 and a total investment of 320 million USD$ with textile & clothing, machinery & electronics and high-tech products as the leading industries, and also receives high attention from top leaders including prime ministers of both countries. <<Read more>> us,


  • Yunnan Power Biological Products Group CO.,LTD

Address: 12/F, Global Finance Building ,West DongFeng Road Kunming,Yunnan Province.

Tel: 0871-6169999, Fax: 0871-6169999-6001                             



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