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Mining Law Comparison (2006)


Country Cambodia Lao PDR Myanmar Thailand Vietnam Yunnan, China
Name Mines and Minerals Mining Law Mines Law Minerals Law Thai Year   Mineral Ressources Law
Enacted Year   1997 1994     1997
Minerals Covered   Some Exclusions Some Exclusions No Exclusions No Exclusions No Exclusions
Hydrocarbons Exempted            
1. All No Yes Yes   Yes Yes
2. Oil+Gas Only         Yes  
1. All Land   Not Specified Not Specified   Yes Yes
2. National Land Only            
Protected Areas            
1. All Prohibited Prohibited Not Specified   Prohibited Prohibited
2. Case by Case           Mineral Deposit Priority vs. Infrastructure Projects
1. Prospecting            
FDI Allowed Yes Yes Yes   No Yes
Permit Transfer Allowed After 2 Years Work   Not Specified Limited to Heirs Upon Death   After Completion Minimum Work
Not Renewable   Yes Not Specified      
Renewable Length            
1 Year Exploration Prospecting defined jointly Maximum Maximum Maximum Maximum + 1 Year  
2 Years   + 2 x 1 Year     Maximum  
More than 2 Years   Extension     Extension  
2. Exploration 2 Years   1 Year Max. Not Specified 2 Years  
Extension 3x2Years   2 x 1 Year   2 Years  
3. Production 20 Years 30 Years 15 Years 25 Years 30 Years Not Specified
Extension Not Extendable Yes Yes Not Extendable 20 Years  
Length   2 x 10 Years Not Specified      
1. Direct Allowed Not Specified Yes Yes Yes-Revocable   Yes
2. Minimum Local   No No Not Specified    
Via SOE or Central Agency    


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