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Property Law Comparison (2006)


Country Cambodia Lao PDR Myanmar Thailand Vietnam Yunnan, China
Name Law on the Land Law on Land Law 8/88 Land Law Land Law Land Management Law
Year Enacted 1992 1997 1988 Various 1993 1998
Application General General General General General Can vary by region
Exemptions No Foreigners permitted to lease 30 ~99 Years Not Stated Foreigners permitted, residential use Also BOI projects Foreigners permitted to lease 30 Years Maximum Use, Conversion of Agricultural to Construction Usage discouraged
Private Ownership Transfer Permitted Permitted Not Stated   Permitted Permitted but generally only short-term, Article 2
Dispute Mechanism President of People's Committee supervises Land 5 Years Max for Dispute Claims Not Stated Not Stated Land Department is Registration Authority People's Committee, National Assembly Central Land Management Office Not Stated
Ultimate Authority State State SLORC Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry Various National Assembly Collective Ownerhip
Land Categories Not Stated State Collective Individual Private Personal   Not Stated Agricultural Forestry Rural Urban Specialised Unused Not State


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